HELLO… thanks for dropping in… and welcome to my personal section of space online, a testament of sorts to the devotion and unshakeable love I have for this artform that is music.

Music, for me, has always been - in a very strong, introspective, and passionate way - a release, a sanctuary, a form of expression with endless joy, fun, discovery, and therapeutic potential. At the same time, the craft of songwriting is a discipline I have always taken very seriously - in awe of the great songwriters past and present - and which I find extremely fulfilling and constantly evolving; an entity of its own that has also long been and continues to be an integral part of who I am.

From the time I was 12, writing my first songs on guitar and then progressing to piano and keyboards while fiddling around on bass, flute, drums and percussion instruments, to then experimenting with full song arrangements with the aid of computer programs, all the while learning about the inner workings of a good, well-put-together song plus developing my voice, my goal has always been the same: to build a solid career for myself writing and performing great songs that many people will enjoy and treasure for years to come.

I've always been captivated and moved by a wide range of styles of music. And these assorted influences have inspired me to sit down at the piano and write a heartfelt ballad like "For As Long As We 're Two" on one day, or pick up my electric guitar and write a heavier song out of frustration like "Fluff" on another day. Indeed, eclecticism and versatility have been present from very early on in my songwriting, keeping it ever interesting for me that way, and reflecting my personality. Yet at the heart of it, there is always something in each of my songs that connects them all: my lyrics, sense of melody and voice. Meaningful lyrics are essential to my songs, sometimes expressed in a simple way and at other times in a more philosophical or poetic manner while I strive to always have some measure of inventiveness or wordplay emanating from each of them. With my melodies, I want to take the listener away to varying highs and lows on a progressively forward-moving path, while aiming to introduce an element of uniqueness in the structure of each song. And of course, my voice is the conduit to drive the intent and emotion of the lyrics and melody home. In the end, I just want to have people feel good when they're listening to my songs and connect, on various levels, to what I'm expressing through them.

Apart from being inspired by numerous influences, I've been fortunate along the way to have encountered and work with some amazing musicians and singers in the studio and live on stage who have contributed, in a multitude of ways, in making my music what it is. I have also been blessed with great friends and supporters who have always believed in me and what I do, on what has been and continues to be, a long and inspiring road full of success, devotion, dreams, determination, perseverance, continuing invention and much musical sweat.

Regards, and be well,

Danny Says